Media & Communications

For the majority of my professional life, I've worked in the fields of audiovisual, media, and communications. I've worked on film sets, television productions, documentaries, podcasts, morning radio shows, trade events, and I even directed my own public access television show in East Lansing, Michigan, for three years. I've utilized broadcast control software, switching modules, graphics modules, as well as cameras, lighting sets, and every available video editor. I've filmed, directed, and edited human interest stories, documentaries, and people making a difference in the world using lavs, lenses, and mixers. People's tales are what fascinate me.

Digital Content Designer/Audio Visual Director

I worked as the Digital Content Designer/Audio Visual Director for SecureWorld Expo from 2014 to 2020 and was a member of the event management team. I worked on strategic communications, marketing, planning, and preparation to help the company achieve its internal and external goals. In doing so we reduced the AV and Design expense by almost 6% a year.

I was in charge of project managing and designing the themed visual assets for all events around the United States, from critical message visuals to massive graphical stage pieces. I aided the Media team in doing interviews, podcasts, videography, and photography by gathering, producing, and marketing cybersecurity stories and news. I'd be in charge of setting up, operating, demonstrating, and maintaining audio visual equipment and programs.

After Effects, Premiere Pro, XD, Final Cut ...

I've had an interest in film and video editing since I was young. My friends and I would create homemade movies on my parents mini DV camcorder. This continued through college and beyond with short films, film festivals, working on films sets and working on TV shows. I absolutely love creating, shooting and editing video. I learned to edit film on an AVID machine, with a big old ZIP disk 1 GB to save files to. Man, those were the editing days.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos for remote sessions and virtual conferences. Includes vendors and bios for speakers and presenters.

Intros, Outros and Lower Thirds

Intros and lower thirds for presentations, powerpoints, and promotional videos are all part of video design.


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