TrainMaster was an amazing branch of my design career. I had the chance to design 3d Simulation for the Union Pacific Railroad. Basically, I sat in photoshop all day and made textures for trains, trees, houses ... you name it. I got to do a ton of photo manipuation using clone stamp. I may have become an expert with it ... I used it so much. Taking entire cars out of photos and completely recreating sides of buildings or pieces of texture from scratch. I also was able to travel to various train yards and take reference images and shoot video. Got to hop on some locos and go places that foamers would die to go. I mean places that make them weep with train joy.

After all that, I would hand craft me some 3d worlds that Union Pacific would use to teach engineers how to drive train. Saves a tons of money and works voodoo magic on the environment. No diggity. This was fun. Much love to Tim Court, one of the Train Sim worlds biggest players, for showing me the dark side of train simming. He's one of the world greatest people, plan and simple. Godspeed you British Hugonaught. Godspeed.

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